What is PHAIR? What happens if it rains? When is your deadline? All these and more are answered here in our FAQ section!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is PHAIR?
Who organizes PHAIR?
I forgot the name of a vendor I liked when I came to PHAIR, how can I find out who it was?
How do I get to PHAIR? Is there parking?
Are you a flea market, craft show, etc.?
What happens if it rains? Do you cancel?

I sell (paintings, photography, scarves, jewelry, screenprinted shirts, old but cool furniture and housewares), can I vend at PHAIR?
When is your deadline to apply?
Do I have to sign up for the entire season? I can only do a few days… (or 1, etc.)
I have a friend who I like to do events and markets with, can we share a space?
Do you provide tables, tents, or chairs for vendors?
How does the referral program work?